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I’m trying to think of the Wikipedia entry for Nick Cannon. “Father of Mariah Carey’s twins, avowed anti-Semite and follower of Louis Farrakhan, host of The Masked Singer.”

And man who fathered four children by three women in 2021.

Cannon is apparently expecting his fourth kid of the year and seventh in total soon with a woman named Alyssa Scott. And she’s proud of it! She announced it, albeit in code, on Instagram.

Nick is not new to the maternity ward. This month he’s already had a pair of twins with another woman, and a baby last December with yet another willing participant. The twins are named twin boys Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, because why not? And the December baby was called  Powerful Queen. I’m not kidding. Powerful Queen has a full brother named Golden.

And then of course there are the Mariah Carey twins Moroccan and Monroe, who are 10 years old and probably losing sleep about keeping all these birthdays straight.

Nick Cannon currently hosts Fox’s’ “Masked Singer” and for a time lost his job with Viacom hosting “Wild N Out” when it was discovered he was posting anti-Semitic videos to YouTube supporting Louis Farrakhan and calling Jews names. Do you remember that? That was less than a year ago.

But then, facing financial ruin as his brood was cooking, Cannon started a mea culpa campaign. He interviewed rabbi’s and asked for forgiveness. He never renounced Farrakhan or the Nation of Islam. His employers, who were making money off of him, eventually let it all slide.

Next up for Nick is a syndicated talk show in the fall. I guess the producers, Debmar Mercury, will offer day care. They should kick off the first episode with the mothers of all the kids. Mariah could sing the theme song.


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