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What happened here is quite sad.

“In the Heights” made only $4 million during the week, bringing its total through Thursday night to $15.4 million. It’s pretty much DOA. This weekend will be crucial for its future. But I’m afraid the news is bad.

UPDATE: Friday night box office was only $1.4 mil, looking at $4mil tops for the weekend, maybe hitting $20 mil total.

The Jon M. Chu directed adaptation of Lin Manuel Miranda’s Broadway hit got great reviews from critics, at one point up to 99%.

But it turned out to be for a very niche audience.

The first big problem was that there was no breakout song for people to hum or whistle, or want to hear on the radio. While the soundtrack sold well this week, it’s not a big crossover hit like “The Greatest Showman.”

Then, disaster stuck as cancel culture came for the movie and anyone who supported it. The Latinx community criticized “In the Heights” for not having Afro-Latin cast members with dark skin. They said it didn’t represent the real community of Dominicans in Washington Heights.

Even Rita Moreno, the EGOT Winner and beloved 89 year old actress, was accosted by the social media lynch mob for voicing her support of the film. She actually apologized! She shouldn’t have done that. Rita Moreno has nothing to apologize for. These stupid people do.

So “In the Heights” is dead, killed by the mob. Its music, culture, colors, ebullience, all wrecked. I hope everyone is happy now.



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