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They can’t just the let the date be.

Peter Jackson’s reimagining of “Let it Be” now moves to the end of November. It was supposed to be released in August, after a year’s postponement.

“Get Back” is a six hour documentary, three two hour parts, that takes all the footage from the 1970 film “Let it Be” by Michael Lindsay Hogg and tells a new story of how the band made their penultimate record.

By moving this project from August to November it now comes after Paul McCartney’s $100 memoir, set for the fall, as well as his own documentary series, dated for next month on Hulu.

The original two hour “Let it Be” film has been out of print and circulation for 50 years, although it’s easily found on the internet. Lindsay-Hogg showed a group with a lot of tensions, particularly those between Paul McCartney and George Harrison. John Lennon is mostly interested in Yoko Ono, and staying out of the way.

What Jackson’s trailer shows is a happier group, lots of kidding around, the presence of Linda McCartney and Yoko, and Billy Preston as the Fifth Beatle. Of course, the whole thing culminates in the group’s famous rooftop concert.

What isn’t clear from the original film is how the Beatles then went on to make their masterpiece, “Abbey Road.” There are hints of it in the original, but you’d be surprised to learn that “Let it Be” wasn’t the end even though it was the last official release.

The three part, two hour doc will air on Disney Plus November 25, 26, and 27. It’s unclear if the newest delay is because Jackson isn’t finished or the Beatles needed changes. But you know, Jackson is famous for making big trilogies, isn’t he?

Jackson said in a statement: “I’m very grateful to The Beatles, Apple Corps and Disney for allowing me to present this story in exactly the way it should be told. I’ve been immersed in this project for nearly three years, and I’m very excited that audiences around the world will finally be able to see it.”



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