Home Television “Big Bang Theory” Actress Mayim Bialik Scores 2nd Lowest Rating So Far...

The “Jeopardy!” story just get worse and worse.

Numbers for Mayim Bialik’s first week of guest hosting are in, and they are bad. The “Big Bang Theory” star pulled in just 4.9 million viewers, the lowest ratings so far among the guest hosts.

Bialik tied Dr. Oz for second lowest rating, and just narrowly beat Anderson Cooper’s 4.8 million.

So far, the guest hosts have been a ratings disaster, all of them except for Ken Jennings.

Savannah Guthrie starts tonight. We still have George Stephanopolous, Robin Roberts, and LeVar Burton to look forward to.

Then presumably Jennings will get the job beginning in September.

I like Mayim Bialik in principle but what were they thinking?

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