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Last season, Sterling K. Brown, of ‘This is Us,” played a recurring character on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

Next season, Milo Ventimiglia, also of “This is Us,” will appear in a recurring role.

Is there a theme here?

Unlike Sterling, Milo’s time on “This is Us” has been cut way down since they killed off his character, Jack, in their third season. Now he reappears in flashbacks. But once Jack was killed, Milo drew a short straw.

Ventmiglia was featured on “The Gilmore Girls,” written and produced by “Mrs. Maisel” creators Amy Sherman Palladino and Daniel Palladino. So it’s a nice reunion for them.

I don’t see him as a lead for Midge, but maybe he has something to with Suzie. That would be cool.

“Mrs. Maisel” season 4 is late because of the pandemic. A few weeks ago an outdoor shoot in Washington Square Park, as I reported, turned into a melee. It turned out to be a precursor to drugs and violence in the park since then, resulting in curfews and a heavy police presence.

If only they’d listened to us then!

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