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It’s been a long time since Mariah Carey really sang a song on which you could appreciate her voice and singalong. But now she’s the featured singer on “Somewhat Loved (Breaking My Heart Again)” produced and written by Jimmy Jam Harris and Terry Lewis. It’s a one off for their album of songs sung by stars, coming from BMG next month. Mariah should make a whole album with these guys!

“Jam & Lewis, Volume 1,” is scheduled for a July 9th release. The album will also feature songs with Mary J. Blige, Charlie Wilson, Boyz II Men and Morris Day, Jerome Benton and The Roots, Toni Braxton and Heather Headley. I can’t wait to hear all of it!

Mariah just switched management for the umpteenth time. Maybe there was a dispute over going in this direction. But this was the way to go, certainly!

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