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Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham is keeping busy.

He’s releasing a new single, has announced an album and a tour, and is divorcing his wife of 20 years, the mother of his three children.

The single is called “I Don’t Mind,” and it sounds like a rejected Fleetwood Mac track from the 80s. The album is named as they say eponymously, for himself. It hits September 17th.

The wife was named Kristen Messner. They have three kids, and were married 21 years ago. TMZ reports Messner filed for divorce this week.

The tour runs in September and then again in December.

Buckingham was fired by Fleetwood Mac a couple of years ago in a dispute over touring. He and Stevie Nicks joined Mick Fleetwood, Christine and John McVie back in 1974. Fleetwood Mac had already been a group for many years, but this turned them into superstars. Annoying ones, who slept with each other, sang about it, fought about it, and squabbled in public.

More recently Lindsey, 71, has had some health problems and required open heart surgery. Then he sold the rights to his songs for a lump sum during the pandemic. And now he’s got a song that sounds as out of date as if your grandfather insisted on bringing back Snooky Lanson (look him up). The album is his first in 10 years as a solo act.


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