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Tickets to Springsteen on Broadway don’t go on sale until tomorrow, Thursday June 10th. And you can only get them on SeatGeek.com

Nevertheless, unscrupulous ticket brokers are already online scalping seats for between $2,906 and $7,406 — that’s four thousand and seven thousand dollars.

I took this picture at left from Event Tickets Center. They’re already doing business accepting charges at these outrageous prices even though they have no power do so.

It’s the same every day not just Tuesday June 29th.

Another group is called TicketNetwork.com. Their prices are below. It’s all between $2,500 and almost $5,000.

Don’t fall for it!

But where is the FTC or the NY State Attorney General or someone to stop this skullduggery. And can you imagine actually paying these prices to an online broker? Insane. But there’s a sucker born every minute!

There are others, as well. Remember, fans of the Boss: Bruce doesn’t get that money. You’re paying that to thieves. The top price on SeatGeek will be $800, that’s high enough. You’re being mugged if you pay more!

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