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Reality, as we all know, bites.

This is even true for Snoop Dogg, aka Calvin Broadus. The rapper known for being stoned all the time and appearing in commercials with Martha Stewart, is taking a 9 to 5 job. He’s going to be an exec with DefJam Records. Presumably he’ll get a paycheck and benefits.

What is forcing Snoop into dreary domestication? Snoop’s biggest record was “Doggystyle” in 1993. This year “Doggystyle” has so far sold 5,000 copies, roughly half of his total sales. There’s streaming money, but none of this is enough to underwrite his lifestyle. And there’s no touring for the last year. The pot isn’t free. Neither are the cars and everything else that makes Snoop a Dogg.

Snoop can currently be heard on a remix of “Peaches,” the Justin Bieber single, with Usher and Ludacris. “Peaches” is a big hit, but there are a lot of people who divide that peach pie. Even Justin Bieber may have to take a job soon!

PS Does Snoop know about the hour long lunch break, two week vacations, and Universal Music HR handbook? I know I’m not telling him.

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