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Horror of horrors!

As big as “A Quiet Place Part 2” was last weekend, it may not repeat at number 1.

Last night “The Conjuring 3” arrived and swept up $10 million to $6 million for John Kraskinski’s gem of a sequel. So it looks bad “AQP2” but we’ll see how things shake out. But fear not, “AQP2” has now passed “Tenet” as the number 2 movie of the pandemic era.

The movie having real trouble is “Cruella” which fell by more than 60% last night from last Friday. The numbers were only $3.2 million, down from $7.8 million. And it’s fun! Go see it, by all means! We knew “Cruella” was in trouble from the get go, and this confirms. But Disney has committed to the sequel, so they’ll look for ways to improve the next chapter.

Stay tuned for tomorrow…


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