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I have to LOL when I read these trade reports of “surprise” sequels. Or whether a hit show will get a second season when the doors have been left open and hurricane winds are blowing in.

So “Cruella” will be back in 2023, Disney announces. Uh huh, it was planned as a trilogy and unless number II completely bombs we’ll see a third film. This is how these things are planned in the first place. Emma Stone didn’t go into it thinking just one movie and she was done.

This might have been the case for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” if people had liked the movie. Alden Ehrenreich was all set to become a franchise star. But there was so much negative sentiment, no one will come back for more.

“A Quiet Place Part 3” we’ll see in March 2023. It was always planned. Part 2 ended on a cliffhanger and was clearly a bridge to a finale. Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy have to get together, the aliens must be defeated, and so on. The only difference here is that John Krasinski is turning over the project to director Jeff Nichols. I’m surprised Krasinski isn’t finishing the trilogy, since this is his idea. Maybe this is a one off before the trilogy is finished. Anything to extend the life of the series.

As for “Mare of Easttown,” HBO is now saying exactly what it said when “Big Little Lies” finished and everyone wanted a sequel. The whole let’s see if there’s an idea thing is a fake off until the money is sorted out for this incredible to success to return with the same creative people. But they will do it, and “Mare” will be back before us at least by 2023. There’s plenty of life left in those characters. But wait til those Emmys come rolling in. Salaries will be renegotiated.

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