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Billie Eilish is having a little trouble with singles.

She’s just released a fourth single from her forthcoming July album. It’s called “Lost Cause.” Let’s hope it isn’t one.

Billie is coming off a dud of a third single, “Your Power.” Released on April 30th, the song got no airplay, had mediocre sales in its first week, and went on to get a lot of streaming. Total paid downloads: 12,000. Total including streaming: 450,00.

“Lost Cause” is off to a better start. In a few hours it went to number 11 on iTunes. It already has 5 million views on YouTube.

Of course, Billie can look forward to her her Grammy winning James Bond theme, “No Time to Die,” getting a revival in November when that movie is finally released.

The new album, “Happier than Ever,” with a punch line of “without you,” comes July 30th. If “Lost Cause” doesn’t hit, they’ll have to try another one. That’s a lot of singles available before the album is released.

I think listening to “Your Power” again and “Lost Cause” that they will wind up being album cuts in a solid album. The whole thing has to be heard. Releasing all these advance singles might be a mistake.

Just sayin’…

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