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Olivia Rodrigo has got her Driver’s License to Sell.

The 18 year old — she just turned 18 — has a debut number 1 album today. “Sour” sold 286,500 copies according to Buzz Angle and hitsdailydouble. That is a HUGE number for an opening week for a first timer, and one who just became legal.

“Sour” sold 214,500 copies streaming equivalent and 68,000 CDs and downloads. The latter number made it the best seller in that category too.

Rodrigo has hit singles galore too. There are three on the Streaming Song Revenue chart. She has five slots on the iTunes charts. She’s all over the radio.

What will make everyone nuts, too, is “Sour” is sweet. It’s an excellent album that deserves a Grammy Album of the Year nomination. She will also easily take Best New Artist.

It’s going to a “Sour” summer, one that 2021’s teenage girls will always remember. And maybe even some of the guys.

Does she even have a high school diploma? Does it matter? And you know what’s nice? Olivia is American born with a big, proud Filipino heritage. She’ll be a big role model. Very nice.

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