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Meredith woke up, reruns are over, three cast members are gone.

And so is the audience for “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Last night’s penultimate season episode dropped 29% in the key demo, 11% in total viewers, and it its all time low rating of 4 million and change.

The show shed 500,000 viewers from the last two weeks of returns and almost 1 million from the last first run show.

Viewers have fled in droves. They apparently did like the ousting of three cast members for budget reasons. That’s clear. And they’re not so keen on Meredith Grey back from the dead, off the beach, with no chance of reuniting with either McDreamy or the Italian doctor.

Indeed, Meredith’s reaction to the Italian doctor being dead when she did wake up was priceless. She was really “thank you, next.”

What else has caused this hellacious drop in fans? I have some theories but we’ll have to wait and see what the numbers are for next week’s season finale. “Grey’s” is going to have to do some hard rethinking if they want to make 20 seasons. That’s two more, and that’s a lot of story.


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