UPDATE Mulaney sold out all his shows through the middle of June. They’re all gone. He’s really lemonade from lemons, turning his drug and alcohol addiction, intervention, and rehab into a saleable commodity. I saw the first show. If anyone can say how the show has changed, please email me at showbiz411@gmail.com. I’m curious if it’s still about the addiction and recovery, the discussion with the audience of mood elevators and so on. Mulaney was very funny before all of that started, I’m wondering if he’s using any of his old, very witty material.


John Mulaney has found his groove. The dry sense of humor comic has just posted 23 new shows ove r 24 dates at City Winery. And they’re selling out right now.

Mulaney is riding a wave of Fame and gossip at the nightclub after rehab stints, a messy divorce, and tales of dating a famous actress.

His first five shows sold out instantly, followed by nine more. These June dates will have early and late shows.

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