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Kelly Clarkson’s talk show will take over Ellen DeGeneres’ time slot in fall 2022.

DeGeneres is ending her show in June 2022 after 19 years.

Clarkson, who was a hit pop singer, has basically given up that career to be Dinah Shore. Shore, a singer of hits in the 50s, gravitated toward a popular talk show in the 70s. It ran for years, well beyond her time on the charts.

Clarkson, discovered on “American Idol,” has made a big career on her own talk show and on “THe Voice.” Her last real hit single was in 2012,  with “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You).” She had a run of hits up til then, and one more, in 2015, with “Piece by Piece.” But her real heyday was back around 2004 with “Since U Been Gone.”

This was a clever way to a have a brilliant and lucrative Act II for Clarkson. She wasn’t going to be the next Linda Ronstadt, with a lifelong career just as a singer. As it happens, Clarkson sings on her show all the time, and could put out albums of cover songs from those performances.

So now begins the era of Kelly Clarkson, a la Dinah and many others who came before her, Her show is averaging 800,000 viewers a week per episode, and as time goes on that number could get to a million. It’s not a bad life. Ask Ellen or Oprah.

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