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The 2020 Tony Awards are coming, at last, almost 18 months late.

The date is September 26th. The show will be divided between Paramount Plus streaming service and CBS network. From 7 to 9m, the Tonys go on the former so CBS can have “60 Minutes” and “The Equalizer.”

Then at 9m the Tonys will have had a decent lead in. Maybe on “The Equalizer,” Queen Latifah can avenge a murder on Broadway. Compatible programming!

The 2020 Tony Awards ceremony part will likely mostly be on Paramount Plus as the nominees are not that exciting. Aaron Tveit was the only nominee for Best Actor in a Musical, from “Moulin Rouge,” so presumably he’s won.

What the producers should do is make the two hour CBS part a big preview of all the new and current shows. Ticket sales are not so hot for some of the shows, a story I’m getting to shortly. For example, seeing something live like a little moonwalking from “MJ The Michael Jackson Musical” on the Tonys will help goose sales.

Broadway is coming back!

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