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Amazon usually has enough of everything in stock. But they underestimated the demand for Micky Dolenz’s new album, “Dolenz Sings Nesmith,” a collection of gorgeous new recordings of Mike Nesmith songs by his Monkees c0hort Micky Dolenz.

Right now, the words “Temporarily out of stock” have gone up on Amazon. I am assured that a new order has been placed. In the meantime, you can buy the CD on Micky’s website.

A long time ago in a far off galaxy, the great singer Harry Nilsson recorded a whole album of songs by the still not so well known Randy Newman. It was a big hit and a cult favorite. I remember that album in everyone’s collections. It was a must have.

Micky remembered it, too, and wanted to do a similar project with Nesmith for the last, uh, 50 years. Mike’s son, Christian, produced it, and the album cover is a tribute to “Nilsson Sings Newman.”

It’s not just Micky’s voice that is outstanding on this collection. Or the songs, which including Mike’s hit that he wrote for Linda Ronstadt, “Different Drum.” It’s also the band. They are insanely good. They are tight and in the groove. The production is sterling. This CD has not left my car for two weeks!

Give it a play here on Spotify but get a physical copy if you can. The album package is beautiful, with liner notes, lyrics and photos. I am truly impressed. Why does Micky sound just like he did on those Monkees hits? Wonderful!


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