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Did “Girl from the North Country” ever open on Broadway? Did I write about the opening night? OMG yes. It was a thousand years ago. March 5, 2020.

Well, the wonderful magical musical is coming back. Today is Bob Dylan’s birthday and the show has announced a return to performances on October 13th.

Mare Winningham and Jay O. Sanders lead an amazing cast in this musical with songs from our Poet Laureate (at least mine) and Nobel Prize winner.

“Girl from the North Country” opened on March 5th, but then the Broadway League decided that only shows that had opened before that would be eligible for the 2020 Tony Awards — which have never been given out.

So the show is now eligible for 2022 Tony Awards, which is fine. It could still win, although it would have definitely won in 2020.

Here’s my review from March 6, 2020. And below is a new video made by the show. Get your tickets now.

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