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Do we now know Erin’s killer? “Mare of Easttown” gave us a confession tonight. It also gave us a big red herring.

We are led to believe that Billy, the sad sack brother of Mare’s brother in law, John, did the deed. John extruded a confession from him under duress. Then he took him on fishing trip. We know he’s got a gun.

But we can surmise Billy is too pathetic to have done it. So it would seem that Mare is about to walk in on John killing Billy and framing him for Erin’s murder. John, then, would be the real killer.

Maybe he is. But if he is, why did HBO hire Guy Pearce to play Mare’s boyfriend, Richard, a seemingly nice guy who’s just hanging around in Easttown? Pearce is a movie star, he costs a lot, and wasn’t just bored at home.

More red herrings.

So something’s up. Unless this show fizzles like The Undoing in its last act, Richard the writer is going to play into the final episode. I still think he’s related to dead Colin and the mother, but maybe that’s too much plot. Maybe Guy Pearce is playing his character from “Memento” and has forgotten everything.

Anyway, we’ll be said to see these people go. But something tells the survivors are ready to shoot Season 2. And we’ll be waiting!

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