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Maybe the problem isn’t just the Golden Globes. Maybe it’s Dick Clark Productions.

DCP produces the Golden Globes and the Billboard Music Awards.

Tonight country singer Morgan Wallen won 3 big awards despite being “banned” from the show. He won Top Country Artist, Top Country Male Artist and Top Country Album.

The Billboard Music Awards come from Billboard magazine, which is owned by MRC and Penske Media. MRC owns the awards show, in conjunction with Penske.

So the fact that Wallen used the “N” word in a TMZ video and was supposedly put on ice by the industry– it’s all talk. It means nothing. He got away with it. Wallen has been rewarded by everyone.

Indeed, he hasn’t suffered a bit. His “Double Album” has sold like hot cakes, making millions for him, the record company, the talent agency, as if his transgression was…nothing.


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