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11PM UPDATE Chayce won, as predicted, and performed his hit, “23.” It was so well planned and civilized. There wasn’t a chance he was going to lose. “23” should be at number 1 on iTunes by 1am latest.

EARLIER Tonight brings “American Idol” to a close for this season.

It’s been a rocky one, with one contestant who left– Wyatt Pike– of his own accord, and one expelled– Caleb Kennedy.

As the show heads into the final round with just three remaining contestants, the show is at an awkward point tonight. One of the finalists, Chayce Beckham, has a hit single on iTunes. His song, “23,” is at number 14 on the charts. It’s gotten all the way up to number 6.

Indeed, “23” has now sold– lol — 23,000 copies in a week. It’s hung in there even with new releases last Friday. By now it could be up to 25,000 copies.

Even if Chayce Beckham loses tonight, he’s on his way. And like Jennifer Hudson and others before him, he’ll have the last laugh.



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