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Well, it’s not going that smoothly at the Kennedy Center Honors reception. Norm Nixon Jr., nicknamed Thump, 34 year old actor son of honoree Debbie Allen and NBA great Norm Nixon, posted a video from the cocktail party in which he called Dr. Fauci “Public Enemy Number 1.”

From the looks of his post, Thump doesn’t seem to be on board with vaccines. He refers to Maxine Waters as “VaccineWaters.” Can he be sent to his room? (I’m sorry to report this but he made it public. Debbie Allen is the nicest person in the world!)

“Ooooooo They not gone like this one! 😂😂😂😂 😷!!!! Somebody call the CDC! The secret service n**** heard me call him public enemy number one 😳 he wanted all the 💨 😂😂. I felt like I was about to get kicked out the club by Samoan security (u not even from La if this has never happened to u😂). I pressed him, he said he didn’t start aids and it ain’t no nanochip shit cracking. He said he just tryna save us from being like India right now and that “u n***** is ungrateful” his words not mine. But man, u conspiracy and Qan— enjoy! 😂 #VaccineWaters #VaxPayne #Vaximus #VaxiPad #VaxnJill #vaxStreetsVaxedAlright *hums Bass line* #topTierTroll”

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