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Olivia Rodrigo has arrived.

After having a massive hit with “Driver’s License” this winter, the 18 year old dropped her first album last night. It’s called “Sour.” And went right to number 1.

Rodrigo, who just performed on “Saturday Night Live,” makes a debut in the grand tradition of Alanis Morissette, Avril Lavigne,Janis Ian, and even Billie Eilish.

Unlike Billie, Rodrigo is much more punk, more rough edged, and has a larger voice that suits her big arrangements.

Rodrigo’s album, I think, is a triumph. She was more than assisted in her endeavor by Dan Nigro. On one track, Taylor Swift and Jack Antonoff share a writing credit. That’s because Rodrigo and Nigro incorporated a Swift song into “1 step forward, 3 steps back.” The Swift song is called “New Year’s Day,” and now it’s been repurposed. That’s the way it is these days. You can tell it’s being pitched as the next single because it’s track four on the album. Clean up hitter.

Teen age girls singing songs of woe are a pop tradition. Welcome, Olivia Rodrigo!



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