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Meredith woke up just in time to say goodbye to two cast members on “Grey’s Anatomy” last night.

The result was a nearly 16% drop in the key age group and 11% in overall audience. The fans tuned out.

Last night’s episode was the lowest rated ever, just 4.4 million, down from 4.925 million last week. The demo was down 15.77% and the audience was off 10.66 million.

That’s a steep drop. And there are still two more episodes left. The show can go lower.

Renewed for another season, “Grey’s” has so far let three actors go this season. With two more episodes, there are undoubtedly more surprises. With budget cuts and lower ratings, “Grey’s” is headed toward being just about Meredith Grey whose house, I’m paraphrasing, was last night described as smelling like hot cocoa and newborn puppies. Or cotton candy and death.

EP Krista Vernoff, who just saw ABC cut her off at the knees by cancelling “Rebel” for no reason, says in finale on June 2 we’ll see Meredith’s new role at the hospital. Her title will be Empress. Jo Wilson, played by Camilla Luddington, is going to make a “life changing decision.” Luddington may be headed to the unemployment line to join the others.

Should be fun!


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