Home Television “Grey’s Anatomy” Ditches Not 1 But 2 Regulars Tonight as Meredith Returns...

Wait, how much did they pay Ellen Pompeo?

Not only is Jessie Williams out after tonight’s penultimate season episode, Greg Germann is leaving, too.

German has been playing Dr. Tom Koracick for three seasons. Williams has been on for 12 seasons. They are numbers 2 and 3 of regulars who are out after the Italian actor Giacomo Gianniotti was axed a few episodes ago.

Meantime, “Greys” was renewed for the 18th season because Ellen Pompeo finally signed a new contract. It must run through the 20th season, so it’s big money. Her character, Meredith, it out of her COVID coma. When the other two veterans of the show, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens, Jr., just told her Giannotti’s character was gone, Meredith was fine with it. No mourning. “She’s with her his mother,” she told them. LOL. No, he’s not. He’s on the unemployment line.

One more episode for this season. Will any other cast members be purged? Next season may be a three hander!

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