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By now you know HBO’s “Mare of Easttown” is a runaway hit.

Last Sunday’s 5th episode had a shocking ending that no one saw coming, with Evan Peters exiting the limited run series in a violent way. It was quite a cliffhanger.

The 6th and penultimate episode plays this Sunday. Don’t ask me what happens because I haven’t watched the press preview yet. I’m too nervous.

Now comes news that the final episode, number 7, will be 66 minutes long when it airs a week from Sunday. There are a lot of loose ends for Kate Winslet’s Mare to wrap up. My theory– I have no knowledge of the plot– is that by then Guy Pearce will be going crazy.

I’m also guessing this isn’t the last we’ll see of these people. “Mare of Easttown” can easily keep rolling along into a murder mystery once this saga is over. I’m sure HBO wants a season 2 and even 3. Winslet is on her way to the Emmy Awards along with the whole show in a category– limited series– overflowing with nominees including HBO’s “The Undoing.” (Yes, that was only this year.)

So hold on for the ending of this season. Those 6 extra minutes are going to be good!


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