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Here’s the new trailer for Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin in “Respect.” The movie with music and a lot of sass hits us August 13th from MGM, which will probably be called Amazom MGM by then. MGM as it stands has no money to promote this movie, they were waiting for the James Bond film “No Time to Die” to generate some cash.

But as we all know, “No Time to Die” has had no time to release, and by November without a sale to Amazon, MGM would have to depend on word of mouth. “Respect” will need a big Oscar campaign as Jennifer Hudson will no doubt be in the running for Best Actress but maybe for Best Song. She wrote an original song for the end credits, as I reported exclusively yesterday.

Yesterday was the first day of press for “Respect.” I knew nothing about it, but I wandered into a Zoom call with Jennifer and director Liesl Tommy for the lucky few who were invited. It seemed like a lot of fun although no one asked why the soundtrack doesn’t include songs Aretha wrote. (That will be my own nitpick on this movie.) Otherwise, JHud was a STAR and Tommy seemed like she was going to have fun, and the movie looks very promising.

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