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I can’t think of anything like this in TV history.

Dick Wolf, as I told you last week, has two full nights in a row on NBC with his “Law & Order” and “Chicago” shows.

Now he also has a third full night on CBS with his “FBI” shows.

Wolf commands all of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday basically, from 8 to 11pm on America’s top form of communication.

Tuesdays bring “FBI,” “FBI Most Wanted,” and “FBI International” on CBS.

Wednesday is the “Chicago Med,” “Fire,” and “PD, on NBC.

Thursday is “Law & Order” “For the Defense,” “SVU,” and “Organized Crime.”

That’s NINE hours of prime time. And who knows what’s next? The whole thing has become a lesson in branding, that’s for sure.

CBS is so conscious of Wolf’s supremacy that they’re moving old war horse “NCIS” to Mondays and following it up with a new “NCIS,” set in Hawaii. Or Hawai’i, as it’s being called. (I don’t know what its pronouns are. Lai or laid?)

Well kudos to Mr. Wolf. I said this last week and I’ll say it again. If he has 9 successful hours of prime time TV, the Emmy Awards cannot ignore him. At least celebrate him in some way. There’s obviously an audience for him.




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