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If country singer Chayce Beckham doesn’t win “American Idol” on Sunday, it will be awkward. Five days out he has the number 1 single on iTunes.

“Idol” winners are determined by a public vote on Sunday. But I would say the vote has already been won by Beckham, a likeable guy who the mainstream Cracker Barrel “Idol” audience can relate to without issue.

He’s one of four semi finalists, all whom are just fine. A fifth contestant was ejected last week over a viral video depicting him in a room full of people wearing KKK hoods.

Beckham’s iTunes release before the show isn’t even over follows similar releases from Hunter Mett and Arthur Gunn, each of whom failed to make the last round but just picked themselves up and went ahead with their careers. Another contestant who dropped out early in the game, Wyatt Pike, has been releasing music and booking small shows.


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