Home Celebrity John Mulaney Sells Out 9 Shows in Three Hours But Don’t Worry...

Scandal sells.

John Mulaney sold all 9 of his new shows at New York’s City Winery in three hours. The demand was so high it almost collapsed the ticketing system.

But don’t worry, I can tell you exclusively there will be more shows there. Mulaney and City Winery have found a formula that works. And wait til capacity can be expanded!

Mulaney has turned chaos into creation, lemons into lemonade, scandal into socko business. Divorce, rehab, affairs, more rehab. What will be revealed next week? Mulaney will leak something juicy to Page Six, trust me. Most recently is the ex-wife’s rehab.

Next scandal? Custody fight over the French bulldog, Petunia. Stay tuned…


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