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Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson will not be in the HBO Max reboot of “Sex and the City.”  She was featured in the 2008 feature film, so when the producers said they were adding three Black women to the new series, it seemed like a natural idea to bring back her character, Louise. What a great idea, right?

But it’s not happening. Maybe Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King thought JHud was too big a star to come to the small screen, even streaming, for an appearance. Well, that’s their loss.

Jennifer IS too big a star, actually. We’re waiting her big August premiere as Aretha Franklin in “Respect.” And the big news from that movie is Ms. Hudson herself co-wrote a new song and sings it over the closing credits. This will be her shot at Best Song for the Academy Awards. So she may get two Oscar nominations, one for the song and for the performance. I sort of expect JHud to win the Oscar next winter.

JHud has already sung an Oscar nominated song, you may recall. That was “I’ll Fight” written by Diane Warren for the documentary “RBG” about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. If she’s nominated for the new song, she’ll likely be competing with Warren this time!

More on Jennifer’s “Respect” song soon…

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