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“The Drew Barrymore Show” has no ratings. CBS is stuck with it. The talk show cannot rise beyond 500,000 viewers average per episode. Contrast Kelly Clarkson, with 800,000. Or “Live with Kelly and Ryan” at 1.8 million.

What to do? Why not throw Woody Allen under the bus? Drew was part of the ensemble cast in Woody’s terrific “Everyone Says I Love You” musical in 1996. Woody was very hot coming off “Bullets Over Broadway” and “Mighty Aphrodite.” Drew was lucky to be cast in a movie with Julia Roberts and Goldie Hawn, frankly.

She said on her show that: “There was no higher career calling card [at the time] than to work with Woody Allen.” Dianne Wiest had just won Best Supporting Actress for “Bullets” and Mira Sorvino won for “Mighty Aphrodite.” Again, Drew was lucky to be cast in one of his movies.

But now of course, it’s convenient to slag Woody. So Drew brought on Mia Farrow’s hypnotised adopted daughter Dylan Farrow to make accusations and promote the “Allen v. Farrow” documentary  for a possible Emmy Award. There was no one to defend Woody or dispute Dylan’s allegations, which have been drummed into her for 25 years by Mia Farrow.

What they didn’t discuss: that Dylan’s uncle, John Farrow, Mia’s brother, just spent 7 years in prison for molesting two little boys and destroying their lives.

Drew, of course, didn’t share about the crappy way she’s treated her own mother, Jaid Barrymore, all these years.

CBS Syndication is pushing the Drew show hard. They had her as a guest on Rachael Ray this week, and a host on CBS This Morning. They also had Oprah Winfrey, who’s a CBS stockholder, include her in one of her shows. But nothing helps Drew’s ratings. She’s insipid, shallow and disingenuous. The audience, apparently gets that.


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