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Bruce Willis and John Travolta, who each have a trail of straight to video schlock movies in their recent resumes, are now teaming up to make an ultimate disaster.

Deadline.com reports the movie is called “Paradise City” and will be filmed in Hawaii with production starting Monday.

Chuck Russell, who made “The Mask” in 1994, and a lot of bad movies like “Eraser” and a really awful Travolta movie called “I Am Rath” in 2016, is the director.

The female lead is a model named Praya Lundberg. According to the imdb, she starred in a TV series no one ever heard of, has used several last names, and is active in charitable efforts.

At the very least, everyone will have a good time in Hawaii.

According to Deadline, Willis plays renegade bounty hunter, Ryan Swan, who must carve his way through the Hawaiian crime world to wreak vengeance on a kingpin, played by Travolta, who murdered his father.

How they will film this, or who else will be cast, remains to be seen. In Bruce Willis movies over the last decade, the actor says few lines and is generally shot ‘around’ to make it seem like he’s in the movie. Generally, his name is used as a lure and there’s always a younger actor doing the heavy lifting. (I don’t think that means Travolta.)

One producer on the film is a guy named Johnny Messner, literally the worst actor who set foot on the stage of TV’s “Guiding Light.” He has starred in other Willis B movies. Last year he appeared in the not seen “Beyond the Law” co-starring Steven Seagal and the late DMX.

Travolta’s last movie with a real director was “Savages” from Oliver Stone in 2012. Since then he’s made at least 8 B movies, maybe more including the god awful “Gotti.” Willis’s last actual movie was “A Good Day to Die Hard” in 2013. Since then there’s been a litany of junk, most of which was recycled into more junk. It does make you wonder if Bruce has a true grasp of how his career has been diminished over time.

Who sees these movies? People in far flung countries for whom English is a third language? Somehow they must make money for someone, or they’re just a tax dodge of some kind.


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