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Among the many revelations last night during Clive Davis’s six hour interview marathon with music greats:

Carlos Santana literally shocked Davis with this news: after talking to Clive in 1998, Santana lit candles with pictures of Clive around them and chanted over and over to an archangel. He repeated Clive’s name 27 times.

After that, Santana said, Clive made a deal with him for what would be their bestselling Grammy winning comeback album, “Supernatural,” featuring “Smooth” with Rob Thomas.

Thomas was on the Zoom with Davis and Santana, and I must say the look on his face was classic shock.

Santana is beloved and out there. He is all into this. He’s talked about the archangel Metatron before, just not to other celebrities. Or to Clive, who also looked taken aback but absorbed the news with aplomb.

Both Santana and Thomas did say it was time to collaborate again. “Smooth” is one of the biggest hits of the last 20 years, and holds up better than almost anything else from that era.

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