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“American Idol” returns tonight after a crazy week.

The only good news: the show was renewed by ABC for another season. Judge Katy Perry has a hit in the top 10 released Friday, called “Electric.”

The bad news: the show tossed semi-finalist Caleb Kennedy, age 16, after a website was sold footage of the kid at age 12 hanging around at what looked like a KKK costume party. The people around him were wearing KKK hoods.

Kennedy will now meet Rachel Kirkconnell, the girl who went to the plantation party dressed in an old fashioned gown, for re-programming at a clinic for idiots from the deep South. They will be joined by Megyn Kelly and the Virginia governor for MTV’s new “I’m a Racist Celebrity, And Love It!”

More “Idol” news: two of last week’s semi-finalists were voted out– Hunter Metts and Arthur Gunn. What did they do? They released perfectly polished singles on their own, each of which hit the iTunes chart. Gunn’s single went the highest — to number 64. Metts got 81, now is around 11o. Not big hits, but they did it. They refused to slink off into that dark night.

Good for them! And now since “Idol” chose a racist teen over the two of them, the show will have just four contestants tonight.

What will happen next?


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