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Every fan of Aretha Franklin and Jennifer Hudson is chomping at the bit to see the bio pic, “Respect.” We’ve had a few clips in which JHud sounds amazing, but no one knows too much else about Liesl Tommy’s film set for release in August.

Today the tracklist for the soundtrack CD came out, and it tells us a little of what to expect at least musically.

Eleven of the fourteen tracks are Aretha hits including “Respect,” “Natural Woman,” “I Say a Little Prayer,” “Ain’t No Way,” “Think,” and “Spanish Harlem.” There are are also three gospel numbers.

But missing from the list are two major hit songs Aretha herself wrote, “Rock Steady” and “Daydreaming.” I was a little surprised about those. Aretha was very proud of those songs, and they have remained classics.

There’s also no version of “Until You Come Back to Me.” Or “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” I knew “Don’t Play That Song for Me” and “Call Me” wouldn’t be here. They were used in the Aretha mini series with Cynthia Erivo.

Well, there’s only so much time in a two hour movie, I guess. Maybe we’ll hear snippets of these records in the background. But it might have been nice to have songs Aretha herself wrote. Just sayin’…

We wait and we’ll see. If nothing else, I fully expect JHud to score an Oscar nomination from this film.



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