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The end is near for “This Is Us.”

The twelve hanky weeper soap on NBC will end after one more season, a year from now. The show is declining in the ratings, so it’s time to go.

And its stars are already leaving. Sterling K. Brown has a big movie career ahead of him. Justin Hartley recently signed to do an indie movie. The rest of them will start getting new projects. Christie Metz will probably try to have a music career.

How will “This Will Us” end? My guess is Jack is alive, and he kills all of them, in different generations. Or he kills the writers, since offing Jack meant Milo Ventimiglia got fewer episodes. One way or another, there will be a lot shreying and rending of garments.

Maybe NBC can do a crossover with “Ellen DeGeneres,” since she’s exiting the network then too!

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