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Big news yesterday: Tom Cruise sent back his 3 Golden Globe awards. Why? He wants to seem like a hero, as he has a megalomania complex. Do you think Tom cares whether or not the HFPA has Black members? He’s sucked up to them for years. He must have noticed there were no Black people.

What Cruise didn’t do was renounce his membership in Scientology, a religious cult known around the world for harming its members and breaking up families. It broke up his own family. Tom hasn’t seen or spoken to his daughter, Suri, in years. He was told to “disconnect” from her after he divorced Katie Holmes.

Cruise also has made it difficult for his two adopted kids to have a relationship with their mother, Nicole Kidman.

Back in 2005, when Tom “kidnapped” Katie and appointed her his wife, he separated Holmes from her family. It was a scary time for the Holmes family. Tom also made his mother break up with her second husband in Florida and move to L.A. to watch Katie and take care of Suri when she was first born.

Cruise has consistently represented Scientology and defended it on TV and at every opportunity. Sending back Golden Globes is meaningless. Owning the horrors of L. Ron Hubbard’s cult would be a significant place to start being a hero.

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