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HBO’s “Mare of Easttown” broke the million mark Sunday night, posting 1.049,000 linear viewers on the main channel at 10pm. That’s up over a million viewers from episode 2.

It’s obvious that was word spreads, viewers are catching up. Plus, the show was spoofed hilariously on “Saturday Night Live.”

Episode 3 slowed the pace a bit but introduced a lot of new ideas and characters. There was also a big reveal and plot twist at the end of the hour that no one was expecting.

Here’s my two cents: I think the Evan Peters character, Colin, is the son of the Guy Pearce character, Richard. One of them is the abductor/killer. Colin’s mother would be Richard’s ex-wife. Richard talked about them in Episode 2. So we had to meet the mom this past week and see Colin with her.

At first I thought the killer was Richard. But Colin is super creepy. He hit on Mare, then asked her out. Very inappropriate.

Katie’s mom, who has cancer, gives me very Laura Palmer’s mother vibes from “Twin Peaks.”

Whatever happens, Kate Winslet and co. should easily have a new mystery for a second season. She’s spectacular, Jean Smart and Julianne Nicholson are wonderful, and let’s hope there are more twists and turns.

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