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Beats me. I thought Anderson Cooper was a good Jeopardy host.

But Cooper’s second week was a disaster, sending the ratings below 5 million for the first time in recorded history. The total was 4.8 million, down severely from Ken Jennings’ 6 million earlier this winter.

For a first run, non repeat “Jeopardy!” show, the number is cataclysmic.

The Cooper fail dragged “Wheel of Fortune,” its companion show, down to 4.8 million also.

Syndicator CBS has wrapped the season, so there’s nothing that they can do to remedy the situation. Instead of just putting Jennings in, they had to make this mess of things with the guest hosts. Week by week the ratings have just slid down with no reprieve. Crazy.

At this rate, by the time they finish up the season the show will be in dire straits. They will have to run the best of Alex Trebek all through August and highlight Jennings’ old wins before naming him permanent host.

Ironic, isn’t it? Jennings was the only non-celebrity to guest host besides EP Mike Richards, and he got the best ratings.



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