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Van the man will have to stack physical copies of his “Latest Record Project” in his basement.

The double album of 28 whiny curmudgeonly tracks, including one that is thought to be anti-Semitic, sold 198 copies over  the weekend.

There were about 3,000 copies equivalent from streaming of the anti-Semitic song “They Own the Media.”

You know what, Van? They do. And they don’t like you.

Morrison’s big F-U to everyone on a number of subjects, starting with COVID and the lockdown, has been rejected by whatever fans he still had left.

I’m sorry about this. Van Morrison is one of my all time favorite artists. His work from the 60s to the 90s is beyond compare. A recent album in the last decade, “Born to Sing: No Plan B,” I thought was genius.

But his Plan B seems to have been to lose his mind and offend everyone. His “Stand and Deliver” anti-lockdown song from last winter was the signal that Van had a cranial rupture of some kind. It didn’t help that he got Eric Clapton involved.

So do we just ignore “Latest Record Project” and move on? Or with 28 tracks and merchandise do we take it seriously and reconsider his whole career? I’m just going to pretend that “Plan B” was his final album and that he disappeared after that release.

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