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Last night’s “American Idol” dropped by 16.3% from last week, down over 1 million viewers.

Chris Martin was featured a mentor to the singers and Coldplay introduced their new single.

The numbers were supposed to go UP not down. What happened?

I feel bad for Chris Martin, he’s a nice guy. He was a charismatic mentor, definitely. Ryan Seacrest swooned over the way he wore t shirts. Their single, “Higher Power,” stayed at number 5 on iTunes, also. I thought it would spike up some.

But a million people who watched last week just tuned out. This was the lowest rated Sunday so far this season for “Idol.” Gobsmacking.

Were the show’s fans mad after last week’s dismissal of the only contestant who should win this year? That was Alyssa, a possible new Jennifer Hudson.

Instead, the finalists were a random bunch. But Hunter Metts, a blonde kinda Ryan Phillippe looking singer songwriter seemed to have an edge on everyone else. And guess what? He was dismissed at the end of the show! That was a surprise!

I have low expectations for the finale of this season now.



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