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Here’s the simple solution to saving the Golden Globes: sell the name to Jay Penske.

The publisher of Variety and Deadline merged with MRC last September, the company that owns the Hollywood Reporter and Dick Clark Productions. DCP produces the Globes, so in a way, Penske already has a stake in the show. PMC and MRC formed an entity to handle TV awards shows like the Globes.

Penske could just buy the Globes name from the devalued Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Or buy the HFPA. With all the Penske publications, a new HFPA could be born with members who are real journalists. It could be a multicultural membership covering films just for the international markets.

Sound like a crazy idea? Hmmm….I’ve seen crazier things happen. Half the HFPA members could be excised in favor of real working journalists. And that would get rid of a lot of current HFPA members who are facing scrutiny on a lot of fronts.

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