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It’s a Shonda!

“Grey’s Anatomy” has been renewed by ABC for a 97th season. “Station 19,” its companion show, will return as well.

Star Ellen Pompeo signed a new contract after getting more money and more parking spaces. She also gets a new cream colored sweater and beach wear.

Pompeo spent all of Season 17 in a coma or on a beach looking at shells and talking to Patrick Dempsey about when he got fired years ago. Other actors who were let go also turned up, but their characters remained like so much flotsam and jetsam.

This season, two actors– Jesse Williams and Giacomo Gianniotti — were let go after long runs, for budgetary reasons. They will be replaced with cheaper actors.

And we don’t know yet if anyone else from the cast has been downsized, laid off, whatever. Three more episodes commence on May 20th. It could be that “Grey’s” is a 0ne woman show next year !

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