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The Golden Globes have been cancelled for 2022 by NBC.

They could return in 2023, but the whole thing is scotched for this season.


Big News because the studios rely on that promotion.

Watch for the Oscars to move up to January as soon as they can get the date with ABC. This will be huge for the Academy which has wanted that early date forever.

The Academy has long desired to get the show moved up to an earlier date. The first week of January would be too soon. But late January or the first week of February– sweeps– would be their request certainly.

The whole problem with the Oscars is that the news cycle is much faster now than it was in the old days. Waiting from a December 31st eligibility til the last week of February is just too long.

Who could have predicted the Globes imploding and losing their traditional January date? The Academy will take advantage of this very quickly.

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