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Tesla founder Elon Musk revealed tonight on “Saturday Night Live” that he has Asperger’s Syndrome. He said, “I’m the first person to host SNL with Aspergers. Or the first admit it.”

Through the first hour of the show, Musk — who appeared with his mother during the monologue — was very charming and not at all the Big Bad Wolf the show drummed up in his publicity. He appeared in several sketches and was extremely capable of reading off cue cards and getting laughs.

Musk also appeared on “Weekend Update” to explain cryptocurrency. He asked to be called The Dogefather. He couldn’t explain what it was, which was the joke. Michael Che concluded that dogecoin “is a hustle.” So true.

Miley Cyrus performed with Kid LaRoi, not solo, on their single “Without You,” which is part of her deal on Columbia Records after jumping from RCA. She also opened the show with a Mother’s Day song while the show’s cast appeared with their mothers. It was very sweet.

The show seemed a lot buzzier and pepped up in the last few weeks.

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