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“SNL” is really pulling out all the stops tonight.

Not only will the Elon Musk hosted segment go out live on NBC across the country the show will also air live internationally.

NBC is making it available on YouTube for the world also at 11:30pm tonight.

The whole Elon Musk adventure has turned into a public relations fiesta, with the show and NBC pushing the idea that the cast doesn’t want Musk there. They planted several stories like that, saying EP Lorne Michaels wouldn’t force anyone to do anything.

It’s all quite clever and made for more buzz than the show’s had in months. The ratings have been dismal recently, stuck at 3.6 million. So “SNL” is using Musk to create a storm and hopefully see a spike in viewership.

Miley Cyrus is the musical guest. She could use a sales boost too. We’ll see what happens.

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