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After eight days, Billie Eilish’s “Your Power” is at number 36 on iTunes. The new single, about a teacher who took advantage of his student, never made the top 10 on iTunes.

The single was rejected by fans, who downloaded only 6,000 copies. They did stream it, pushing the number to 160,000.

But streaming is a passive sport, and doesn’t generate a lot of income for the singer. And a song doesn’t have to be streamed all the way through. Eilish and brother Finneas have a good start to the single, but it falls apart a minute into the song.

“Your Power” comes from a new album which will be released on July 30. A snippet of the title track sounds promising.

This was a wild PR week for Eilish, who appeared on the cover of British Vogue in a bustier with platinum blonde hair, very Madonna or Lady Gaga. It was a big change from her grunge look of overalls and sharply colored hair. Did the Vogue cover turn off her core fans? Well, everyone grows up. I thought she looked great!

On the plus side, “Your Power” has 46 million views on YouTube. That sounds good, but that and $3 will get you a subway ride. (Just kidding! An Uber!)



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