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Word today that the “Sex and the City” reboot will add three Black female characters.

Maybe they’ve forgotten– I doubt it– but there was a major Black character in the first movie. Jennifer Hudson, hot off her Oscar win for “Dreamgirls,” played Louise, their new buddy.

Louise just faded away but of course JHud went on to become a superstar. In August we will finally see her as Aretha Franklin in “Respect,” which could result in a new Oscar nomination. JHud is plenty busy.

But wouldn’t it make sense for this limited run reboot for Louise to come back, singing? Since 2008, JHud has openly worked on having the best figure in town, and that won’t hurt. She’s more than ever all about fashion — besides singing and dancing.

And Louise keeps the show PG since we’re not going to see JHud naked or hear her cursing like a sailor!

In the 2008 movie, Louise was hired as Carrie’s assistant to help her manage her life. At the end she returned to St. Louis. But a great storyline would be Louise having made it as a singer and return to New York a star!

Cross fingers this happens.

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